2016 Buyer of the Year – Kimberly Bush

Congratulations to Kimberly Bush for winning the KAPPP 2016 Buyer of the Year Award!  Below is the letter submitted with her nomination:

Kim deserves to be recognized for her outstanding work on the acquisition of new voting equipment for use not only by Sedgwick County, but also by the counties of Johnson, Shawnee and Wyandotte.  Voting equipment has been the topic of much discussion recently throughout the country because of fears that the technology could be compromised, resulting in flawed elections.  A year ago Kim began working with the elections commissioners of those counties to purchase a new election system that would provide uniformity of process and technology, and minimize the risk of election tampering, for more than half of the voters in Kansas.  As one way to verify that Kim was appropriately addressing the concerns that had caused so much discussion, Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman sent Kim’s draft RFP to the US Election Assistance Commission and asked for comment.  The reply of EAC Commissioner Matthew Masterson read in part:

“This RFP is extremely well done.  You all did a tremendous job thinking through what you want and need out of a system and making those requirements clear.  I also love that you are working with other counties on this.  Your leverage is much better that way.”

Kim’s work on this project has meant that Sedgwick County voters – and those of Johnson, Shawnee and Wyandotte counties — can be certain that their votes will be recorded and counted accurately.  Her performance, though unseen by voters, has truly delivered democracy to our community.  We are lucky to have Kim as a colleague!

Nominated By: Joe Thomas and Kara Kingsley