2016 Manager of the Year – Marjorie Bryant

Congratulations to Marjorie Bryant for winning the KAPPP 2016 Manager of the Year Award!  Below is the letter submitted with her nomination:

Dear KAPPP Board:
I would like to nominate Marjorie Bryant for KAPPP’S Manager of the Year for 2016. Marjorie has been the Purchasing Manager for the City of Hutchinson for many years and has acquired a vast knowledge of the procurement procedures and policies.
As the Purchasing Manager Marjorie is very hard working and gives 100% to everything she does. She is dedicated to making sure that the Purchasing Department runs smoothly and does her best to see that departments follow the purchasing policy. Sometimes that can be very exhausting and trying. She has been very helpful to me in showing me the ins and outs of procurement.
I am very pleased to have Marjorie as my boss as you could not ask for a more helpful, compassionate and knowledgeable person. I am very sad to think that Marjorie may soon want to get out there and
spread her wings in a new adventure. She will be dearly missed.
Thank you,
Carmel White
City of Hutchinson