2017 Buyer of the Year – Laura Miller

Laura is one of the most positive people I know. She approaches every adverse matter with an optimistic attitude to resolve the issue timely and accurately, whatever effort it takes.


As an example, previously, Laura worked with Procurement and Contracts to bid out several dump trucks with snow plows. After the contract had been awarded and a PO issued and as the last few days of the fiscal year end was fast approaching, our agency decided that there were sufficient funds available to purchase a few more dump trucks. Laura quickly gathered the necessary truck configuration and delivery location information and worked with P&C to add dump trucks to the order. Laura does a great job hiding any stress she is under from trying to accomplish many tasks within tight timelines, but she never lets on to our end users. All they see is a smiling face and a “can do” attitude.


Laura coordinates bidding with Procurement and Contracts for acquiring all of KDOT’s equipment; such as pickups, dump trucks, loaders, graders and boom trucks. Multi-million dollar equipment purchases pass through her desk. She also is responsible for gathering estimates and coordinating with Procurement and Contracts for bidding salt, gravel, and asphalt materials used by KDOT in the maintenance of our highways. These commodities are also valued in the millions. She is well respected by our maintenance engineers for dogging them to provide usage estimates because they know the consequences of not having the highway materials when needed.


Laura is the agency’s copier coordinator. She juggled her busy schedule to participate in the Copier RFP review support team meetings. She single-handedly coordinated order placement and returns of nearly 100 copiers for the entire agency. She spent hours on the phone relaying new copier information, answering questions and making new copier recommendations. All while finding a way to stay caught up with her other tasks. Laura will also be responsible for reviewing invoices, ensuring correct prices and approving payment for every one of those new copiers, as she did in the past.


Laura is also a great resource for educating agency staff on SMART functionality. She is very patient and respectful when working with users to explain why SMART works the way it does in certain situations. It’s a great pleasure to converse with her on SMART issues because of her level of understanding and working knowledge of the system.


Did I mention how optimistic she is? Regardless of the tasks I ask of her, I always receive a friendly, not fiendish, smile and enthusiastic response to get it done! She is a crucial team member in our office and promotes a work environment that I enjoy coming into daily.


If the above information isn’t enough to express the fantastic person I have the pleasure of working with daily, you should sample her cooking. “Oh My God”! Her homemade cheese cakes are the best I’ve ever had. Other specialties include homemade cinnamon rolls and caramels. When you see me out walking, it’s so that I can continue to enjoy her fantastic culinary delights!


I hope you will please consider Laura as KAPPP’s buyer of the year. Her professionalism, purchasing knowledge, work ethic and fantastic personality are all traits we envision of a KAPPP Buyer of the Year.


Nominated by Jerry Clements – KDOT