May 2, 2016

New Professional Scholarship Application

We are here to assist with financial support of your professional development activities. This program is intended for new KAPPP members employed in the public procurement profession for 3 years or less. This financial support is one time only and must be used to attend KAPPP/NIGP sponsored meetings, seminar courses, workshops and/or forums and certification classes. Participation in the event must contribute to the professional development of the individual.

Applications will be reviewed by the KAPPP board who will determine the number of applicants to review and the successful applicants. If you are selected you will be required to write a letter explaining your educational experience and what benefit your attendance at the meeting or seminar provided to you and/or your entity.

Program recipients of this award agree to assist in preparation/organizing of at least one KAPPP chapter meeting or seminar in the following year.

Please click here to fill out the application:  KAPPP-Scholarship-New-Professional (2)