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The "Who", "Why", and "What" of KAPPP


-Kansas Association of Public Purchasing Professionals (KAPPP) is the 34th chapter of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc.
-KAPPP is a professional organization dedicated to the promotion of education and cooperation between public purchasing professionals.
-KAPPP has affiliations with the National Institute of Governmental of Public Purchasing, Inc. (NIGP) and the National Association of State Purchasing Officials (NASPO)
-KAPPP is for: Educational Institutions, Purchasing Agents, Public Purchasing Professionals, Contracting Officers and Buyers, City and County Managers and Procurement Specialists, and....You! (If you have involvement in the expenditure of public funds)


-To establish cooperative relationships among our members for the development of efficient purchasing methods and practices in the field of public purchasing.
-To encourage maintenance of ethical standards in buying and selling.
-To promote uniform public purchasing laws and simplified standards and specifications.
-To collect and disseminate useful information for our members.
-To promote the interchange of ideas and experiences within the purchasing profession.
-To encourage research and investigation and to sponsor such other activities as may be useful in providing our members with knowledge for efficient procurement.
-To strive by all legitimate means to advance the purchasing profession.


-Quarterly Meetings-Members can attend quarterly luncheon meetings held at various locations throughout the State to hear special programs, exchange ideas, and have camaraderie between your purchasing friends.
-Help you in obtaining your certification by promoting seminars, workshops, and conferences sponsored by KAPPP and NIGP. Certification that is available to you--Certified Public Purchasing Buyer (CPPB) and Certified Public Purchasing Official (CPPO).
-Newsletter-Receiving the KAPPP Newsline published quarterly. This newsline contains articles, notices, and other items for your interest and benefit.
-Membership and Dues- Dues are for a one year period, January 1st - December 31st and payable February 1st each year. Dues may be paid individually ($25.00/yr) or institutionally ($80.00/yr for four (4) individuals).
Contact Linda Kelly at to sign up or renew your membership.

KAPPP Leadership

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Galen Greenwood

Chapter President
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Kim Sowell

Vice President
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Carmel White

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Bonnie Edwards

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Janie Meeker

East Area Representative
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Tim Frevert

West Area Representative
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John Boos

South Area Representative
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Aubrey Waters

Capital Area Representative
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Linda Kelly (Non-Board Member)

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Kathy Sheldon (Non-Board Member)

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Wendi Frisbie (Non-Board Member)

Web Design
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